Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table: Top 5 Tennis Tables of 2017


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Are you looking for the best outdoor table tennis table for your family or fun space? If you want to play ping pong outside, you’ll definitely want the best you can afford. There are many things to consider when shopping, including the structure and build of the table to the types of weather conditions it will withstand. With that in mind, we’ve chosen the top five best selling ping pong tables of 2017 that are not only a good value but also loved in our review and in user reviews from people who play on these tables all the time.

#1. Kettler Champ 5.0

The Kettler Champ 5.0 comes with not only a top notch outdoor ping pong table but also one of the best accessories bundles around. It features a waterproof and non-glare top that will withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. It also has an ALU-TEC climate control on the underside that controls natural contraction and expansion of the material that is caused by hot and cold weather.

Kettler has incorporated a topcoat that is both UV and fade resistant but also has certified tournament bounce. The apron is a comprised of 2.25” resin treated aluminum that is high impact and prevents the table from warping. This design permanently seals in the wood to make the table super durable yet still able to retain its bounce. This Kettler Champ 5.0 is manufactured in Germany.

One of its many features is a patented locking system that keeps in in place both for safety and so it doesn’t move around when it gets knocked during play. Additionally, it has a playback feature making it ideal for both solo and team play.

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Quick Stats

  • Top Thickness – 7/8”
  • Apron Height – 2.25”
  • Folded Size – 25” x 65” x 72”
  • Playback – yes
  • Leg levelers – yes
  • Accessories included – yes


  • No glare top that stands up to changing weather
  • UV and fade resistant so it stays looking good
  • Patented locking mechanism to hold it in place
  • Playback design for solo play
  • Extra accessories included


The one thing users don’t like about this table is it’s a bit hard to put together and definitely takes two people to get it assembled and ready for play. Hopefully if you decide to get one, you’ll only need to assemble it once and then you can leave it in place so it’s always ready to go.

What’s included?
  • 2 Outdoor Halo 5.0 rackets
  • 2- 6 packs of 3-star rated balls
  • Premium outdoor cover
Can I adjust the net tension?
Yes – the net can be completely adjusted.
Are there levelers for the legs?
The legs on this table have levelers similar to those found on a washing machine. They are screwed in or out by hand, letting you adjust the table for any surface that isn’t level.

#2. Kettler Top Star XL

This is another top seller from Kettler. The Top Star XL is advertised as absolutely weatherproof, and the table itself is made from a sealed aluminum composite coated with a water-based paint that’s fade, scratch and UV resistant.

The playing surface is nearly an inch thick and like the Champ 5.0, it has an ALU-TEC underside that prevents contraction and expansion that happens when temperatures change outside. The surface of the table is painted with tournament lines, and the edges are protected by an aluminum apron cradle.

This one also folds up for storage and has a dual safety lock that will prevent it from unfolding or folding up when you don’t want it to do so.

It comes with 2 Kettler Halo 5.0 rackets, a 6-pack of 3-star rated orange table tennis balls and a cover for the table.

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Quick Stats

  • Apron Height – 1.5”
  • Folded Size – 26.25″ x 64.75″ x 72″
  • Playback – yes
  • Leg levelers – yes
  • Accessories included – yes


  • High quality table and accessories
  • Good bounce
  • Withstands hot and cold temperatures


Some users say in their review that assembly was difficult. However, others say it’s not hard – it just takes two people to get the table together. One reviewer says it took him about two hours, and he had another person help mount the table halves. The directions are printed in several languages including English, and getting it together has been compared to assembling a giant Lego set. If setup is something that concerns you, the manufacturer does offer local assembly for an additional cost.

What do I get?
  • 2 Kettler Halo 5.0 rackets
  • 6 pack of 3-star rated balls
  • Kettler table tennis cover
Can you use the cover flat and folded?
You do need to have the table in the folded position to use the cover. It won’t fit over the table when it’s lying open flat.
Is it easy to fold?
In review after review, users say it’s really easy to fold and unfold this Kettler Top Star XL table by yourself. They say it’s a bit awkward at first but after doing it a few times it’s quite easy. To fold it up, there is a red tab to push on one side, then walk to the other side and hold that red tab in while you lift the side of the table up. In reviews, this table is well balanced so it’s easy to lift the side and fold it up.
Are the legs adjustable?
This table does not have adjustable legs. They are regulation height of 30″.
Does it have to be on a solid surface?
Some users prefer to use this on their lawn rather than on a patio or deck, and this one works great for all of those uses. It’s easy to move anywhere because of the wheels.
Can it be used while folded?
If you like to play by yourself, you can do so when this ping pong table is in the folded position or use it as a backboard. The way the net sits, you can still hit the ball over the net.

#3. Joola Outdoor

The Joola Outdoor table tennis table is an all weather table that has a 6mm aluminum plastic composite on its surface and a powder coated undercarriage measuring 30mmx30mm.

It comes in two pieces and folds up quickly both for storage and playback mode. The feet can be leveled to use on any surface (even rough terrain). It comes complete with locking casters on its 3” wheels and anti-tilting devices so it’s exceptionally stable, mobile and safe to use and move.

One of the best things about this Joomla outdoor is that it’s fast and easy to assemble. In fact, it can be done in about 15 minutes. It also comes complete with a matching weatherproof net set so you don’t need to disassemble the net when the weather is bad. Assembled, it measures 108” x 60” x 30” and in the folded position 62” x 22” x 67”. The total weight is 166 pounds.

JOOLA Outdoor Table Tennis Table
List Price: $407.93
Price: $407.93
Price Disclaimer

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Quick Stats

  • Apron Height – 1.57”
  • Folded Size – 62” x 22” x 67”
  • Playback – yes
  • Leg levelers – yes
  • Accessories included – no


  • Very durable
  • High quality playing surface
  • Easy to assemble


While users rave about the quality and playing surface, the only complaint seems to be that Joola should have included a cover for the price. We don’t disagree. However, even at the higher price tag, this is a good quality table that will last a long time. If you’re investing in it and are going to keep it outside, investing in a good cover is the next logical step.

What do I get?
This model comes with just the table and quick assembly clamp net. It doesn’t include any extra accessories.
Does it come apart for storage?
This ping pong table does come apart into two separate pieces. Each half can also fold separately and can be moved separately from the other half.
Is there a cover available?
Yes – while this model doesn’t come with a cover, most standard outdoor table tennis covers will fit over it for protection.
Can I leave it outside?
This table is one of the best because it’s designed to be left outside in the elements. Users in reviews say they have no problem leaving it outside, however many of them have it under an awning or porch cover so it doesn’t get completely piled with snow or pelted with rain throughout the winter.

#4. Stiga Outdoor

The Stiga outdoor table tennis table sits on locking ball bearing caster wheels, has a 1.5” steel apron and incorporates 30mm leg levelers on steel legs for balance. Its durable exterior has composite aluminum with poly coating construction, so it’s built to live outside. This construction is designed to resist warping, and the powder coated undercarriage is rust resistant.

For play, it also boasts an anti-tilting action for fantastic bounce quality and comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. One of the big perks about this table is that it’s really fast to assemble and can be done in just a few minutes.

Its dimensions are 107.87” x 60” x 29.92” while assembled. When folded for storage, it measures 28” x 60” x 62”, and in playback mode it measures 68” x 60” x 62”.

Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table - Vapor
List Price: $549.99
Price: $549.99
Price Disclaimer

Video Review


Quick Stats

  • Apron Height – 1.5”
  • Folded Size – 28” x 60” x 62”
  • Playback – yes
  • Leg levelers – yes
  • Accessories included – no


  • Good value for the price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stands up to the elements


Some people looking at buying the Stiga outdoor ping pong table are concerned that it comes in two halves that don’t fasten together.  Instead, they are joined by the net. While people who use the table haven’t had problems because of it, some users prefer a table that fastens into one piece. Some users even prefer the two separate halves because it makes the profile a little slimmer for storage with no center hinge in the way.

What do I get?
  • Outdoor net and clamp set
Can it be moved in pieces?
This table actually comes in two separate pieces, so it’s easy to lift and move around.
Does it come with a cover?
This model does not come with a cover. However, most standard covers should fit just fine.
Can one person set it up?
While it’s easier with two people because of the weight of the table, this ping pong table can be set up by one person. It unlocks and unfolds in the middle, and since it’s on casters, it’s not difficult to push around.
What about storage?
Each side of this table folds straight up and stands by itself. The two halves are separate but can also be put flat against one another for storage.
Are the legs attached?
When this table is shipped, the legs are folded into the table itself so it’s very quick to assemble.
Can this table be used for playback?
Yes – there is the option to have one side up for a single player.
Do the two pieces connect?
While the two table halves don’t connect, user reviews say they don’t separate during play. They say the table is very stable and doesn’t come apart.

#5. Joola Nova

The Joola Nova, while more reasonably priced than the higher end Joola Outdoor table above, it certainly a customer favorite and overall best seller. It’s still durable to stand up to the elements and is built to resist rust. It has 6mm aluminum with plastic composite surface and a thick 40mm apron that prevents warping.

It comes in two pieces and allows for team play and solo playback and is easy to assemble in about 20 minutes. The legs are self-folding and come with levelers that are adjustable.

Video Review


Quick Stats

  • Apron Height – 1.57”
  • Folded Size – 22” x 62” x 67”
  • Playback – yes
  • Leg levelers – yes
  • Accessories included – no


  • Sturdy with good quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Low profile storage


While some users love the idea of a table with two separate halves because it’s so much easier to store, some users (especially those with kids who are very rough with the table) say if weight is put on the table, the two halves can shift apart. If this is concern, it’s best to get a different table that has hinged halves or just make sure no one is putting their weight on or sitting on the top.

What comes with it?
  • Net and post sets
Can it be stored outside?
This Joola is meant to be stored outside and withstand the elements. However, for extra protection, purchasing and using a cover is not a bad idea. Users who live in snowy areas say it stands up fine. One user in her review says she lives in Arizona, and there has been no fading from the harsh sun.
Can I use it indoors?
Absolutely! Since it’s built for exterior use, it’s more than hearty enough to use for indoor play.
Do the legs adjust?
Yes – each of the legs can be moved down or up individually to level the table.
Is there a hinge?
There is no center hinge in this table. The two halves are held together by the clamp of the net. One nice thing about no hinge is that the halves can get closer together for storage.
Is it easy to assemble?
To assemble this model, the only thing you need to do is attach the wheels. Since its heavy, it’s easier if you have two people so you can turn the top halves over to get the legs in place, but it’s not required.
Do I have to remove the net?
Prior to storing, you do need to remove the net. This is because the net joins the table halves, so it needs to be removed before you can fold it up.

Choosing a Table

What’s the difference between the best outdoor and indoor table tennis tables?

In short, the outdoor tables are much heartier and built to withstand the elements. The best ones also have good leg control so they can be adjusted to stay level on different types of terrain.

While indoor ping pong tables are generally cheaper, they can be used outdoors. However, this is only recommended for the short term. For example, if you’re having a family reunion and you want to move the table out to the patio for the afternoon, it will likely be fine. However, if you leave it outside, it’s probably going to get damaged by the sun, heat or cold. Indoor tables often begin to warp when left in direct sunlight even for a short time, so if you decide to put your table outside for the afternoon, be sure it’s in a protected area. The other alternative is to buy a table specifically designed for outdoor use.

Outdoor tables are also much more stable in windy conditions, so this may be a factor as well if you put your indoor table outside. Of course, you probably won’t want to be playing ping pong in the wind because it will definitely affect the aim of the ball.

For these reasons, if you want to play table tennis outside, it’s best to invest in a high quality outdoor table that won’t warp, fade or buckle under windy, hot, sunny and cold conditions. Outdoor tables incorporate a different type of construction, and the best ones use steel for the net, posts and undercarriage, and they have a top that’s weatherproof and UV resistant.

The Undercarriage

When considering which outdoor table to buy, taking a close look at the underside and supports is important. There are many different types available from wood to steel, so having a little knowledge prior to shopping and plunking down money for one will ensure you get one that suits your needs and playing style.

The Legs

It’s good to select a table with really sturdy legs if you plan on being a serious player or playing for a long time. Since they support the entire weight of the table, it’s important that the legs are up to the task.

Take a look at the thickness of the legs. The thicker the legs, the more likely they’ll be able to support the table during frequent games and not come loose or break. Take a look at where they’re connected as well. There should be several points where they connect to the table.

Another feature you’ll want to look for is leg levelers. This is especially important for outdoor play, as many outdoor surfaces aren’t even. In better tables, you can adjust the height of each leg individually to get the table playing surface as even as possible, even on uneven ground.

Separate Halves

Many of the best outdoor table tennis tables actually come in two different pieces. The legs on each side are secured under the table, and the wheels are on the center edge. In these types of tables, the net brackets hold the table together during play.

Tables that come in two separate halves take up a lot less space than the ones that just fold in half, so they’re much easier to store.


Many tables, especially the heavier outdoor ones, come on wheels. When shopping, make sure you get one with wheels or casters that lock so the table will be stable during play. The wheels in these models are generally integrated into the legs, so they’re permanently attached.

The downside to wheels is that they increase the height of the table when it’s time to store it, but it’s worth it to have them if you plan on moving the table around. Wheels are especially helpful if you plan on setting up the table yourself without help.

The Top

When looking at outdoor table tennis tables, you’ll notice the tops come in a range of thicknesses. Some are under an inch, and some are well over. Some players prefer tops that are at least an inch thick, but those with less can offer a good playing surface as well.

Mostly the thickness affects the bounce of the ball. What you’re looking for is a nice even bounce.  Tournament players say the thicker the better, so the bottom line is to choose the table with the greatest top thickness that you can afford.

Playback Mode

If you want to play by yourself, it’s good to get a table that offers a playback setup. This is where half of the table is flat and the other half stays vertical. The table essentially forms a 90 degree angle so you can hit the ball without having a partner. This is a great way to practice getting faster and practicing your stroke.


Whether you’re a casual or serious player is definitely a factor in the type of table you’ll choose. Professional players only use tables whose dimensions meet those set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Tables with specs set out by the ITTF are 9 feet long by 5 feet wide by 30 inches tall. The nets stand 6 inches high, and the table surface is blue or green.

The surface of the table is also important. According to the ITTF regulations, if you drop a ping pong ball from 12 inches above the surface, it should bounce up to 8.75 inches. If you’re serious about the game or are in training, you’ll want to buy a table that fits these specifications.

Regulation Size: 9’ long x 5’ wide x 30” tall


The warranty on the table is definitely worth considering when making a choice. Some models offer one year and others up to ten years. Get the best you can to protect your investment. A long term warranty also shows that a company is confident in their product and thinks it will stand up over time.


Some of the best outdoor ping pong tables come with a cover. Others don’t, and you’ll want to purchase a good one to keep it protected when it’s not in use. While outdoor tables are built to withstand all different types of weather, it’s best to keep the dust and snow away from it to keep it looking and performing well. A good cover also keeps other things off your table like bird droppings, dead bugs and scratches if the cats jump on it.

There are a few types of covers. One type is meant to cover the table while it’s lying flat. Others only work when it’s folded up for storage.

Build Your Own

While it may be as durable as a professionally made table built to last and for regulations, if you’re up for it, you can try your hand at building your own ping pong table. If you’re a do it yourself-er and want a challenge, you may want try it just for fun. Keep in mind that most hand built tables won’t withstand a lot of time outside.

Building your own table tennis table will be easiest if you have experience with woodworking or construction projects. It will likely be cheaper than buying one pre-made and of course will give you bragging rights with your friends if it turns out well.

For materials, you can use plywood or high or medium density fiber board. The higher density is without higher quality, but it’s also more expensive. Most sheets come in only eight by four foot sheets, so this might present a challenge if you want a standard nine by five foot table. It might be easier to use wood you can get in five foot sheets. Then you can make the table in two separate halves to regulation size.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 sheets of 5’ x 5’ Baltic birch plywood
  • 1” x 2” poplar for bracing – about 30’
  • 1 ¼” wood screws
  • Finishing nails
  • Wood filler or wood plugs
  • 150 grit silicon carbide sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Circular saw
  • Drill with countersink bit
  • Miter saw
  • Nail gun (not required but helpful)
  • Drill press (if you want to make your own wood plugs)
  • 5” long piano hinge
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Wood glue
  • Green or blue paint
  • White paint
  • Polyurethane
  • Paint brushes
  • 6” long table tennis net

Video Instructions

  1. Cut six inches off one edge of one of the pieces of plywood using a circular saw. Tape over where the blade will be cutting to prevent tearing or chipping of the wood.
  2. On the underside, measure and mark the holes you’ll use to attach the braces. Make the holes 1 7/8” inside the outer edge to create a 1 ½” overhang.
  3. Cut poplar boards for bracing the outside edges using a miter saw for the corners. Screw the boards in place using 1 ¼” wood screws, wood glue and nails.
  4. Cut 4 piece of poplar at 32” each with the miter saw for the inside braces. Attach using wood glue and nails.
  5. Use wood plugs or wood filler to cover the screw holes in the top of the table.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other piece of plywood.
  7. Sand and both the top and underside of both pieces of plywood.
  8. Use green or blue paint to mark the edges and boundary lines of the table.
  9. Coat with polyurethane.
  10. Secure the two table halves together using the piano hinge.
  11. Secure net in the center.

To play, you can lay the tabletop on top of a work table or on saw horses. This is just one way to build your own. We found some other good instructions at LiveStrong and Do It Yourself.

You may wish to alter these instructions and paint the entire surface of the table. If so, you’ll want to use a paint made specifically for table tennis. Use a primer first, and the paint can be dark green, white or you can even use chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint has a matte finish to reduce glare, and it’s also scratch-resistant.

Ping Pong Table Repair

What happens if you’ve left your table outside and the surface was damaged, you dinged it during moving, or the kids went crazy and it got scratched? Repairing the top of a ping pong table is not that different from refinishing any type of furniture. However, you want to be extra careful that the surface remains smooth.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to take the net off. Look at the table from different angles and examine it for any gouges, scratches or cracks in the painted surface. You can use regular wood putty from the hardware store to fill any cracks. Don’t use caulk or anything rubbery for the fill. Only use putty made from real wood, as it will expand and contract with the rest of the table surface.

Make sure you use a spatula, spreader or putty knife to force the putty in as deep as you can to ensure the scratches are filled. After the putty is dry (usually takes an hour or so), check to see if it’s settled deeper than the table surface. If it has, a second coat may be required.

If the scratches are only on the surface, you won’t need to fill those with putty, as they’ll be easily filled in by a new coat of paint.

After any deep scratches or gouges are filled, sand the table smooth using 180 grit paper. First, use a sanding block and go over the areas where you added the wood putty until they’re even. Then move on to the rest of the table top.

Next, move on to a finer grain paper like a 220 grit. This will prepare the surface for a new coat of paint. When you see the entire surface is covered with a fine powder, you’re done. Wipe the surface clean using a soft cloth. You’ll likely need to repeat this process several times to get rid of all the dust. You want it to be sparkling clean so no grit ends up in your new paint job.

Now you’re ready for paint. Spray paint can work great for this. Use a chalkboard or satin finish paint in any color (standard tables are blue or green). Make sure to apply the paint according to the directions on the can with steady, even strokes. Work in sections until the entire top is wet but there are no pools of paint. It’s better to do a few thinner coats than one thick one.

Let the paint dry overnight. Then, go back and look for any thin spots to see if another coat is required. Repeat this process until you have a nice even-colored surface on the top of the table.

Now for the boundary line and markings. Use painter’s tap to mask off the edges. Make sure to press the tape down so the edges are fixed. A credit card works great for smoothing down tape edges. Then, use paper (newspaper works fine) to cover the inside of the lines toward the center of the table. Hold it in place with tape. This ensures the main part of the table will remain protected if you accidentally slop or drip while doing the edges.

Use white spray paint to cover the exterior edge of the table in the same manner as you painted the rest. It may take more coats of the white if you’re painting over a dark color. When the paint is completely dry, carefully remove the paper and tape. Now you’re ready to play!

Keeping it Clean

If you’ve invested in a high quality table tennis table, you’ll want to keep it clean and well maintained for years to come. Here are a few ways to ensure it lasts through many years of play.

The best way to clean the table is to wipe it down with a dry soft cloth after every time you use it. Then put on the cover. This keeps it free of dust and debris.

For a more thorough cleaning, start by removing the net so you can get at all the parts of the table top. There are companies that make specially formulated solutions for cleaning both the nets and tops of ping pong tables, but if you’d rather make your own, it’s really very easy.

If you need a more in-depth cleaning, you can use this process every few months (or more depending on how much use the table gets): Mix 2-3 cups of water with 1/3 cup white vinegar. Dip a soft cloth into the solution, and then wring it out so it’s damp. Wipe the surface of the table, paying special attention to any particularly dirty areas. Follow this by wiping with a dry cloth.

Now on to the net. To get the net nice and clean, soak in that same water and vinegar solution for about 15 minutes. Lay it on a flat surface to dry. Once it’s completely dry, go ahead and reinstall it on the table.

If there are any metal parts of your table that move, like hinges between the two halves for instance, it’s good to occasionally use some spray silicon or WD40 to lubricate them and prevent rust.

You’ll also want to take good care of your rackets or paddles. If you don’t, the rubber mat on the surface might end peeling up or flaking off. The best thing to do is pick up a cleanser made specifically for rubber and use it whenever you’re done playing a game. It will remove any dirt and debris but also the oils left behind by your hand during game play.

Rackets also get dirty if you’re playing with a new ball. New balls come with a powder-like coating that can get on the surface of your rackets and on the table as well. You may see dusty marks you’ll want to remove, and these are caused by using new balls.

It’s a quick job if you just spray on the cleaner and wipe with a towel. This will keep your rackets lasting a good long time. Even better, keep your rackets covered when not in use – that way they are less likely to get dusty and require more frequent cleaning.